Admissions open for 2017-18

Welcome to National Public School - Jayanagar

Brooklyn National Public School– Jayanagar is a progressive child-centric School, driven by values. Emphasizing personalized attention, academic excellence and the holistic development of each child. We are indebted to veteran educationist and our visionary Dr.K.P.Gopalkrishna- Founder, Dr.K.R.Paramahamsa-Chairman, NPS Education Institutions AMC City Group of Institutions who has conceptualized and guided us to build BNPS Jayanagar at every stage of its progress.

Why National Public School - Jayanagar?

  • School with all amenities,located in serene & peaceful area.
  • Dedicated academicians-pleasurable teaching-learning.
  • Classrooms,study material and training.
  • Books and audio-visual materials to stimulate imagination.
  • Special focus on Kindergarten students -Pre-KG,LKG,&UKG.
  • Fun for Kindergarten children with toys and play equipment.
  • A complete ERP solution for academic administration.
  • Focus on sports,cultural and personality development.
  • Special training on life skills to Dance,Music,Art&Fitness.
  • Encouragement for creative & innovative skill development.

Principal's Message

I am very excited about kick-starting yet another successful year at National Public School, Jayanagar! The core mission of our school is to provide the students with well-structured education. Not only do we emphasize on a strong set of academic skills but we place equal importance on the personal development of every child. Our school nurtures intellectual curiosity and equips its students with a strong work ethic that is essential for them to succeed.

In our school, we provide a positive, supportive and stimulating environment, where children can recognize and achieve their full potential. Their intellectual and moral development ensures that they grow up to become responsible citizens and contribute meaningfully to the society. We also recognize that the parents and the local community play a vital role in shaping the overall development of the students and therefore, we deeply value their partnership with the school.

I look forward to working with you to make sure that the learning environment at the school brings out the best in your child.

I welcome you to National Public School, Jayanagar for what is going to be a fun-filled, learning-enriched school year 2017-18. You can be a part of this wonderful journey!

Alka Mehrotra


Admission for 2017-18

  • Registration for admission to 2016-2017 for Nursery to Grade VI
  • Issue of Application forms: 1st January 2016 onwards Kindly collect the registration form from the office on payment of Rs. 500/-
Document to be Submitted at the time of Admission
  • Attested copy of Birth Certificate
  • Attested copy of SC, ST, OBC certificates in case of SC / ST / OBC students
  • Attested copy of TC from the previous school (if available)
  • Four passport size photograph of the child
  • Adhar card copy to be submitted

Please contact the office for details regarding the fees. The school is self-financed and no aid is received from either the central or state government. The fees structure may change with effect from the academic year of 2016-2017 to meet the additional expenditure on salaries, activities, maintenance and other development schemes. Fees is charged (Both transport and School fees) for 12 months. School fees to be paid in two installments (only by DD - payable at Brooklyn National Public School, Bangalore). First before 10th of May and Second before 10th of October of every year. Transport fees to be paid in two installments in the month of June and October.

Admission tests will be based on the Following Criteria
  • Grade I to IV: Basic Skills in English, Math and EVS
  • Grade V to X : General level of Understanding in English, Math, Science.

The success of educational innovation is in many ways dependent on the examination system that the school follows. The long term vision of Nps School is to prepare students to think originally, to work creatively and to help them recognize their inner strengths as lifelong learners. NPS School considers the choice of the examination board as critical for the development of its students. NPS School is affiliated to C B S E & State Board. This choice will enable the school to create a balanced curricular plan for students of the senior classes to develop an application based, conceptual understanding of the subjects they study in school. A balanced curricular plan also encourages students to excel in their areas of study and develop a competitive advantage for admission in desirable institutions of higher learning and academic universities.

Evaluation & Examination System

At Brooklyn NPS School, students are evaluated on the basis of their willingness to learn and the efforts they make to reach their goals. Based on a comprehensive evaluation system, evaluation in the school is a combined effort on the part of the teachers, the parents and the students to better understand the learning experiences for each student.

Processes of learning and the relationships that students create while learning are accorded high significance. Students are usually not compared with each other. Alternatively, they are gently guided to understand the inherent strengths, virtues and potential that they possess within themselves. The objective is to recognize the progress that each child makes in their own learning curve.

Teachers use daily class observations, students' creative pursuits, informal assessments, group and individual goal settings as indicators of progress and development. To the extent possible, teachers and parents together share their observations with the students and seek collective goal setting as the strategy for future development of each student. Like the myriad influences of the school, evaluation at NPS School is also a source of inspiration and learning, and not a time for judgment and fear.

From the middle classes onwards, students are gradually but firmly oriented to take the board examination system. Practice, research, articulation and accuracy assume high importance for the senior students. Opportunities are provided for students to orient themselves to national and international level competitive examinations. Students are guided and encouraged to explore their own levels of mastery and potential for growth in a variety of competitive settings.

Students are assessed throughout the academic year on the basis of their performance through Formative Assessments/Evaluations and Summative Assessments. Formative Assessments and Evaluations are held in the months of July, November and January. Summative Assessments are conducted in September and March of every year.


Brooklyn National Public School – Jayanagar is a progressive child-centric School, driven by values. Emphasizing personalized attention, academic excellence and the holistic development of each child.

Brooklyn National Public School – Jayanagar offers an academic, sporting, co-curricular and personal development programme that affords students every opportunity to grow in knowledge, self-confidence, skill and understanding. BNPS-Jayanagar, has set very high standards for itself and firmly believes that a strong infrastructure is necessary for educational excellence.

At Brooklyn National Public School – Jayanagar, academic excellence and co-curricular activities go hand in hand.

Through various co-curricular pursuits such as Dance, Music, Painting, Quiz, Debates, Yoga, Aerobics, Art and Craft children develop the skill of team work, leadership, communication, and organization of intra-school and inter-school competitions. Sport is an integral part of the curriculum at BNPS- Jayanagar. The school will offer a wide range of activities to develop the students varied interests and talents. The students will also be exposed to athletics.

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